Publishing with Mystery Tag
We also develop and publish our own games, so we know how it works. Our team takes part in all stages of preparation, the launch, and further development of the project. So let’s talk about your game and create a success story together!
Our UA team will develop the best marketing strategy for your game and will carry out full purchase optimization. Together with our creative team, they will generate original ideas for all types of creatives: video, banner, and playable.
User acquisition
For every game we have our own non-standard approach. Based on this, user acquisition is carried out from the main traffic sources: Facebook, Google UAC, Video Networks (Rewarded video, Incent, DSP/Programmatic, Direct), as well as alternatives thereto. For accuracy regarding successful purchasing, forecast models are developed for each game individually.
Our BI team is the best in class. They have extensive experience in improving game metrics severalfold, thanks to A/B testing of internal game mechanics and balance tuning based on deep user behavior analytics. They also construct individual predictive models for effective user acquisition.
Quality assurance
To reach a large audience, your game needs to run smoothly, without any malfunctions or other critical issues, on the target platforms and devices. You also need to meet the application requirements of distribution platforms such as the App Store and Google Play. To achieve these goals, we have our own professional QA team and technical support team.
Production team
Marketing and advertising is half the battle. Our best practices, expertise, and Data Driven Development approach ensure that your game’s performance continues to improve. In addition, we can provide support regarding monetization, gameplay design, graphics, user interface, and more.
Tech team
Our tech team is ready to provide maximum support in registration and integration of additional services and solutions that are required for a successful project launch, starting from the soft launch stage, and that are an essential part of publishing.
Since we also develop our own products, we have internal development teams that, if necessary, can share their expertise and help resolve technical issues.
Let's work on games together
You can find out more details by writing to or by sending us a message on the website.